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The National Peace Foundation marked its 25th year of operations in 2007. Over the years, the mission and activities of the Foundation have evolved significantly, but one core principle has remained constant: our focus on providing resources, networking and effective programming to support citizens involved in peace building activities at home and abroad.
In all of our work, we focus on the following values:
Respect for individuals, cultures, faiths and nations is core to conducting all of NPF’s work.
People around the globe have a right to the same basic opportunities – empowering them to lead fulfilling, productive and healthy lives. Without access to basic opportunity for all citizens in any given society, there can ultimately be no success in pursuing peace, within that one nation or among several nations.
Dialogue across diverse backgrounds can be highly productive and helps avoid conflict. Creating and maintaining constructive dialogue, and eliminating the negative effect of stereotypes and other limited concepts of the ‘other’, are at the heart of peace building. If we want peace, we must respect and understand each other, and be able to talk to one another.
NPF believes that all issues that provoke conflict -- economic, social, environmental issues and others --can be resolved through collaboration, given equal access to basic opportunities, and when informed by respect and dialogue.
NPF can bear witness to the fact that the better individuals understand one another on a personal level, the less inclined they are to violence against each other. This is a value that undergirds all successful peace building, confidence building and anti-violence efforts world wide.
It is through individuals and their actions that a culture of respect, dialogue, collaboration and mutual understanding can be formed and maintained. Every individual plays a role in and carries some responsibility for preventing war and violence. Individual leadership and citizen action are core to all our programs, and to the future of peaceful societies across the globe.
Countries have many alternatives to violence or armed conflict at their disposal. Unfortunately, all too often, the power of citizen and community action is overlooked as an essential element of preventing unnecessary use of force. NPF is committed to building individual citizens’ knowledge of, experience with, and belief in this important tool in the non-violent arsenal of conflict resolution and peace.

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